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ole sauce

Olé Brand Sauces

Olé Hot & Fruity brand offers a wide variety of all natural exotic sauces: Habanero Gold, Jalapeno Gold, Chipotle Gold Passion Fruit, Tamarillo, Ginger and Tena.

These sauces are perfect for marinades, beverages or any recipe that requires fast Cooking (stir fry & light glazes for grilling) or slow cooking (BBQ).

Olé sauces have won international awards: Passion Fruit, Tena and Chipotle gold.


This pepper is considered the tangiest chili, and this is the main ingredient of this sauce - making it the spiciest we make. If you love spicy, you will love this sauce!
The characteristic aroma and unmistakable flavor of Jalapeño pepper sauce makes this a delight for lovers of spicy. Enjoy your favorite dishes by adding a little personality!
Slightly spicy, unique aroma and a unique flavor. Here's our Gold Chipotle sauce, made with freshly harvested Chipotle peppers. It's the perfect condiment for your meal!
passion fruit
Passion Fruit
Three international awards for this delicious sauce. No more than tropical passion fruit and aromatic fruit. Get out of the ordinary and give it an exotic touch to all your meals!
A traditional taste of the Andes. Olé Pepper Tomato Tree is the perfect combination of a tropical fruit with chili Tena. Make this delicious sauce all your recipes, get a delicious result!
The combination of our own chile "Tena" with peppers, this delicious produce full of body and flavor with all salsa. The perfect spice to your recipes!
you will love this sauce!! Great flavors for marinades and sizzling any meat. Just busting with the aromas of earthy ginger...

Olé Brand Tapenades

ole sauce

Olé offers two varieties of olive tapenades: olive mix and spicy olive.

These all-natural tapenades are as versatile as a cook’s imagination.

Use as a dip, spread on bread or on pizza.

They give an exquisite flavor to sandwiches and can also be your "secret recipe" in baked fish and other recipes.

Do not be shy, go for it!

mixed olives
Mixed Olives
Fusion of green and black olives releasing a unique flavor. Green olives, black olives, onion, garlic, salt, black pepper, dry coriander and lemon.
spiced olives
Spiced Olives
Exquisite combination with a spicy olives suitable for all palates. Olive, hot chili peppers, onion, garlic, salt, black pepper, dry coriander, lemon.